Bad Habits That Lead To Hair Loss

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Bad Habits That Lead To Hair Loss

A lot of people have been wondering why their hair is gradually receding to the back or that it is thinning. No matter how much they want to bring it back, they seem lost to themselves and have given up on bringing back the usual look their head was. But did you know that hair loss happens daily between 50 and 100 strands? Did you also know that it can happen anywhere in the body that has hair growing? But when they are disrupted from their normal hair growth due to some internal or external factors, it will result in hair loss. Some of your daily habits have actually contributed to hair loss, but you just did not mind it because even if you know it does, you are still doing it anyway.

n-MAN-COMBING-HAIR-large570A lot of people do love to take hot steamy showers, especially when the temperature outside is really cold. But how water is able to dehydrate the strands of the hair, thus is leads to brittle and dry hair, which is prone to snap and then fall out. Have you not wondered why some of those you know always go with cold water because they know that it will help their hair? Have you not also wondered why the water from the rain is able to give your hair a smooth feeling? Hot water washes out the protective oils of the hair, but its heat can actually throw the pores of the scalp into an overdrive in order to keep up with the production of oil, thus damaging the root then leading to hair loss. Your solution to this is to take the temperature of the shower a little bit down of a few degrees. Is it best to go for a warm shower and rinse the hair with the coolest temperature you can handle.


Don’t women really love that hot styling equipment that they believe to give their hair that style a certain celebrity was wearing? But when you do this to an extent that the hair can’t handle anymore, the heat can actually damage the hair’s proteins that makes up most of the hair, including its protective cuticle. By the time the cuticle gets damaged, the balance of the moisture is interrupted and the hair will be more exposed to breakage. This is another thing that you should be taking care of, which is why you should limit your use with hot styling equipment, even the blow dryer, to at least 2 or 3 times per week. Use the coolest setting as this will have lesser damage to your hair. You should also apply heat protection spray always before you use the blow dryer, as this will create a protection barrier against the heat, reducing the friction.

Imagine that simply styling your hair can already cause a lot of damage to your hair, which then leads to hair loss. This is why some hair salons these days are employing the use of blow dryers at the coolest temperature in order to prevent the hair from falling or breaking off.